Hybrid Mirrors

Navigating Uncertainty and Randomness

Curated by Sophie Nowakowska & Guillermo Moreno Mirallas 

In a world shaped by perpetual crises, uncertainty, and a pervasive sense of aimlessness in our hybrid existence between the physical and the digital realms, our identities are becoming ever more intertwined with the online sphere. Initially conceived to enhance communication and democratise access to information, the internet has now transformed into a refuge where we seek to escape reality, exert a certain degree of control, and immerse ourselves in a simulation that challenges our ability to discern the genuine from the fake.

Hybrid Mirrors embarks on this intricate interplay between physical and digital identities, seen through the lenses of five young creators from different corners of the globe. Each proposal addresses a distinct facet of this existential journey. Ilê questions where our bodies reside in the digital realm, navigating the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual through play and parody. In contrast, Gabrielle weaves a narrative in which a fictional character yearns for understanding, validation, and a sense of community within the expansive digital landscape. Josh ventures into the digital realm in pursuit of virality, grappling with the challenge of striking a balance between conformity and originality, aiming to forge a unique space amidst the crowded online panorama. Meanwhile, Jeremy, feeling adrift in a digital fog, urgently seeks answers from the elusive deities of social media, specifically to the Creator himself - Mr Zuckerberg. In this fervent quest for authenticity, a weighty question arises: does it hold meaning if no one is truly listening? Ultimately, Avalon embarks on a quest for a sanctuary, a digital refuge to sculpt a future, even if it only exists in the virtual realm. It is an escape from a reality that seems overwhelming and unstable, in search of glimpses into rougher, forgotten houses, photos of which she finds on the Craigslist.

Hybrid Mirrors unveils the struggle to bridge the gap between our tangible, flesh-and-blood selves, and the avatars we construct in the digital sphere. Hybrid Mirrors extends an invitation to confront the mirrors that reflect and refract our hybrid identities, thereby prompting questions about the potential for self-discovery and transformation in our intricate existence.